Stewart Copeland and Cobus Potgieter

Stewart joined Cobus in the DC Studios for an interview and jam. Surprise guest Thomas Lang joined them for an interesting conversation plus surprise skype calls from John Bryant, Chad Smith and Gregg Bissonette. Stewart answered some questions from our live chat and discussed his studio the Sacred Grove as well as jammed with Cobus and Thomas to end the show.

Chapter Marks

1. Stewart and Cobus talk and jam together
2. Thomas Lang joins them at the couch for a humorous discussion
3. John Bryant, the "Dare to Drum" film's director/producer joins in on Skype
4. Gregg Bissonnette makes a Skype call in to ask Stewart a question
5. Chad Smith joins them next on Skype with a surprise for Stewart
6. Stewart, Cobus, and Thomas all perform an amazing drum jam to end the show

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