DC Independence

Ralph Humphrey gives you the building blocks ofTwo-Three-Four way time function coordination. Then youcan apply them in basic beats and challenge yourself with Marco Minnemann's Six-Way Independence.

Show Thumbnail Two-Way Time Function Coordination - Beginner

There are many great books available with exercises for the drum set using your hands and feet. This course will prepare you to easily play those books as we teach you how to play combinations of hands and feet in a way that will enhance your time function and coordination.

Beginner, Lessons 1-11.
Show Thumbnail Three-Way Time Function Coordination - Intermediate

While you may be learning to play Rock patterns and Jazz or Latin and other Master Classes or lessons it is important that you systematically study your time function coordination. These are systematic exercises and while they are preparing you for the future, they can also be used in patterns and fills as you progress.

Intermediate, Lessons 12-21.
Show Thumbnail Four-Way Time Function Coordination - Advanced

These 4-way coordination exercises will open the door to future advanced patterns and make them easy to play. Learning to lead with both hands will give you amazing freedom in playing patterns. As noted in the fundamental lessons, you can go through these exercises first with just your natural lead hand.

Advanced, Lessons 22-30.
Show Thumbnail Marco Minnemann Master Class: Six-Way Independence

Marco's master class is a series of eight lessons that will open your mind and body to new melodic adventures on the drumset. It will get you into Marco’s head, understanding what he practiced and how he developed his amazing technique.

Advanced, 9 lessons, 2 hours, 2 minutes.